21 Days to Go

Not to sound cliché, but another holiday season is upon us. Ugggghhhhhh.

I thought for sure being in a colder climate,  in a culture that embraces the commercialized concept of Christmas (yes, I am calling it Christmas – hope this doesn’t offend anyone)  my  Christmas Spirit,  which has been in a sad comatose state for the past 5 years, would be easily resuscitated. So far, all resuscitation attempts have failed.

I’ll admit, the cool weather and Christmas tree lots and malls abuzz with frenzied shoppers does ignite a little spark of Christmas cheer.  Unfortunately, that tiny spark is quickly extinguished by the freezing cold weather and frenzied mall shoppers fighting for the cheapest price on next years garage sale item. Then there is the combination of the two most annoying things about this time of the year: Chipmunks and the dreaded ‘Twelve Days Of Christmas’. One is just as bad as the other, but the chipmunks actually singing ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’? It’s enough to repel even the slightest hope of a spark.

But we must persevere right?

On Dasher and Dancer!

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