Happy New Year

As I write this, there are only six more hours of 2011 left. The fact that I’m writing this now should give a bit of a hint as to how much excitement I have in my life.

New Years is one of my favorite times of the year. I guess I am just a nostalgic, sentimental fool who sees every New Year as a new opportunity for some life changing event to occur. As if, at the stoke of midnight, the planets will align perfectly for a few seconds, causing a butterfly effect of magical happenings to ripple around the globe. I will suddenly become the renewed, motivated, successful person I set out to become last new year.

When will I ever learn?

Honestly, I gave up on making New Year resolutions several years ago, but I still feel a secret yearning to make one simple, silent promise to myself every  time the countdown starts. This year, after reading about Project 365 on WordPress News, I felt a little twinge of excitement flickering inside me. The project challenges bloggers to create a post everyday of the year. The subject matter is up to the blogger and there are some really fantastically creative ideas out there, much better than the many ideas I could come up with. But I feel very up to the challenge, so I am making a very bold and public commitment right here to ALL my loyal fans and followers (sense the sarcasm) to creating a post everyday for the next 366 days (it’s a leap year).

Given the fact I’m not always motivated to even turn my computer on most days, this really will be a challenge. Also, there is the fact that, although I can come up with many interesting and enlightening things to write about everyday, (more sarcasm) I’m not always inclined to do so. My short attention span often prohibits me from keeping an intelligent, profound thought neatly formed  in my head for the length of time it takes my computer to boot up. Also, I am a hopeless perfectionist, which means I’m a miserable underachiever because I know no matter how hard I try, my attempts will be futile as the desired perfect result will never happen, so why bother trying. But I digress…

To keep focused I’ve decided to create another blog, “a post a day” as a medium for these posts. A post a day will be daily posts about the songs I wake up with in my head every morning. Hey – there are more mundane blogs out there….

I have to post everyday, no exceptions and every post should be at least 200 words. I am looking forward to this challenge. It will be interesting to see this list of 366 songs at the end of the year. Makes me excited to think about what the music world has in store for the year 2012. What songs will make me cry, dance, revisit past memories, join a movement or just plain old annoy the hell out of me?

Don’t worry, (more sarcasm) I will still post here as time and my mood permits, but feel free to check “APOSTADAY” and to send me disparaging comments rubbing my failure in my face should I fail to post a day. Well, perhaps you could cut me a break once or twice?

Happy New Year!!!

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