The Face Off Part Two (sort of)

I’m one of those people who tends to find hidden messages and symbolic meanings in everything; not in a psychotic “E.T.’s have left me secret messages hidden in the ingredients label of the ketchup bottle” kind of way, but in a more sane, level-headed “everything happens for a reason” way.

Last night when I received a call from the clinic informing me that due to severe weather conditions, the clinic will be closed and my laser procedure would have to be rescheduled, my worries about tempting fate were again raised. Is this divine intervention to keep me from looking like a circus side-show attraction after all (explained in part one)?  Forget about all the other people who have important meetings or appointments that postponed, this is a sign only for me, everyone else just has to be inconvenienced in order for me to receive my message. Sorry.

Crazy I know, but a few years ago I was given the chance of a lifetime to undergo a very significant transformation at the hands of a highly skilled plastic surgeon at a world-class hospital in Thailand. This was a trip that had been planned for months. When rioting broke out several weeks before my scheduled surgery, I wasn’t worried, this was a fairly typical pre-election occurrence for Thailand. As the weeks went on, rioting escalated and I started to question whether it was a sign. But, I disregarded people’s concerns about my going and the issued “travel advisory” notices and packed my bags, When my travel partner notified me (while I was making my way to the departure gate) she wouldn’t be going with me after all, the warning bells went off in my head. When divine intervention gives you a riot that disrupts a whole country, and your travel partner bails an hour before departure, you should heed the warning. While I’m sometimes disappointed in myself for not going, I do wonder if maybe it was for the best on my part.

(I guess I should also take this opportunity to apologize to all those people who’s lives were so disrupted due to my quest for vain self-improvement.)

So, here I am once again left wondering if I should heed the warnings revealed to me through divine intervention, or continue down my path of reckless abandon and reschedule this procedure? Should I once and for all just be happy with what I have been given or do I prepare the locals for yet another cycle of inclement weather?

Well, get your snow chains ready, I’ve rescheduled for next week.


  1. Hi Marie!

    I’m a big proponent of “trusting your gut.” The hard part, I guess, is determining if your gut is telling you not to do it, of if it’s just natural nerves talking.

    Good luck, whatever you decide!


    • HI, Karen,
      It is difficult to know for sure if it is our nerves or our guts guiding us. The problem is I think my gut has a split personality!
      Thanks for reading and for the well wishes.
      good luck to you too.


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