The Face Off Part 2 (for real this time)

30 Minutes Post Procedure

It is a little more than 30 minutes past the pixel laser resurfacing treatment.  So far so good. Surprisingly I had very little anxiety about it while driving to the clinic this morning, which started to worry me. Once I was in the treatment chair and the aesthetician held the “gun” to my face, a familiar rush of anxiety crept in. Really it was just fear of the unknown, I braced myself for a surge of pain.

The surge of pain turned out to be nothing more than a tingle.  Though the tingling was more intense around my eyes, and mouth it wasn’t unbearable, just a little irritating. Within about three minutes into it, my face was tingling hot and I started to think about my immediate future (Spending the next three days in bed, head elevated, my swollen tomato face packed in ice).

The entire treatment took about 20 minutes, was painless and only slightly uncomfortable. My first glance in the mirror revealed slightly red skin, but certainly no signs I might find future employment as a side-show oddity. the aesthetician applied topical lidocaine to my face to help with pain, (which I’m sure I’m grateful for), gave me a bottle of soothing cream to apply this evening and sent me on my way.

Several Hours Later

So now here I am six hours post procedure with nothing significant to report. I think that’s a good sign. No pain, no discomfort. My skin feels tight and I look sunburned. If I needed too, I would consider making a trip over to the local convenience store – I’m sure the gentlemen who work there have seen much worse. Wonder what I will look like tomorrow?

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