No Pain No Gain

Apparently the old adage no pain no gain is true. I’m now at day four “post treatment” and while I’m relieved to have nothing serious to report, I am starting to feel just a little disappointed. I’m never happy.

From what I’ve read, what I’m experiencing so far is normal: rough sandpaper skin, which will supposedly begin to slough off soon, and according to the recovery schedule should be right about now,  but so far just a tiny bit of flaking. I thought for sure by this time I would be molting like a barbecued iguana in Tijuana. I’m only slightly red, almost tanned actually, and my skin feels a little tight. Nothing dramatic, nothing I can use to gain the sympathy of my kids, nothing hinting that there will be a great metamorphosis anytime soon.

So, I’m sorry to disappoint, I haven’t experienced any blog-worthy pain or side effects. I did however, manage to make my daughter think I’d had a brief encounter with an E.T. Which was funny for a second but certainly not funny enough to go into great detail about here.

This is the first of three treatments I will go through (the recommended number of treatments). I think I’m seeing improvement in my skin, but it’s still hard to tell. Once the peeling process is over and I undergo the next two treatments maybe I’ll have more to report. So if you’re thinking of having this procedure and if you can wait a couple of months, I may be able to give you some useful information. If you can’t wait that long, I’d say “go for it”.

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