I Can’t Live Like This Much Longer

I’ve been told I have a knack for decorating. So, as I stand here in my completely bland, boring, uninspiring living room, I ask my self “What the heck has happened to me?”I am completely embarrassed to post these pictures, but you must see it to believe it.



We moved into this house four months ago and getting it together has been slow going. Part of the problem? I’m sick of my stuff. I know that sounds ungrateful, but I can’t help it. After living in Asia for several years, I’ve accumulated a lot of Asian inspired furniture and accent pieces, which I like, but lately I feel I’m in need of a change. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of being able to go out and buy all new stuff. Even if I could buy all new, it’s been difficult to find inspiration.

Of course the other dilemma is the few things I’ve found inspiring, like this aqua blue paint, clash horribly with what I have. I had bought two gallons of it to paint my daughter’s room, but we only needed one to get that job done and the extra gallon has called out to me for a while now. It seems such a waste not to use it, but I’m afraid it’s too bold to use in a common living area. I love it, it is inspiring, but it also scares me just a little. How can I make this work with what I already have? More challenging still; how can I convince my husband it will work?

Usually, I find inspiration in unusual places, but sometimes I venture out to the local craft stores to get ideas. I’ve done this a lot lately, but so far nothing has ignited a creative spark. So yesterday when I made my weekly stop at the craft store in hopes of finding an item to inspire (my last stop of many in my search for the day), I wasnt feeling particularly hopeful.

And then…

I was roaming the fabric aisles when I caught a glimpse of bundled quilting squares  (I have no idea what they’re called since I know nothing about quilting, except it involves massive amounts of sewing, which I try to avoid) in delicious patterns and colors all vying for my attention.

Finally, I had a vision. I had inspiration!

You probably have the same look on your face my husband did when I showed it to him. But it isn’t the pattern as much as the colors I find inspiring. Although, I’m pretty sure my husband wasn’t entirely relieved by that idea either; especially when I informed him I wold be painting the family room a beautiful aqua blue after all.

I realize these colors are nothing new right now. I came across a few decorating magazines from last spring which showed many room designs incorporating these colors into very beautifully styled interiors. But again, I’m feeling a little nervous about the colors and still hindered by what I already have to “design” with.

But You know what?

I’m creative!

I’m resourceful!

And I can’t live in this boring, bland space any longer!I

So I’m off to the living room with paint brush in hand. I hope I still like this color tomorrow.


  1. ur living room is nice, but doesn’t compare to the little indian/arab style outdoor room you had going over here.. now that took everyone’s breath away!!!
    You did it once, no doubt you can do it again 🙂


    • Thank you so much. I went through the same design dilemma then to. I walked around for months looking for inspiration for that space then came across a couple of pillow covers I loved and that was how that whole thing took off.

      I’m not sure how this color scheme here in this room will play out.

      Thanks for reading!


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