Four Things I’ve Learned From This Room Redo

I’ve done plenty of successful decorating projects with a limited budget and in a short amount of time. This living room redo, however is becoming just a little stressful. I thought I would be done by now and I thought I would get it done on a very limited budget. Now as I stand here admiring my freshly painted aqua walls, I’m feeling defeated. In my hastiness to banish bland walls and go for something completely different, I have learned a few facts:

1. Budgets Are A Bummer
I started off with a very limited budget for this room; about $50.00. Yes, really. I knew I would need fabric and another paint color to compliment the aqua. Other than that, I figured I had everything I needed to transform this space.

In actuality, I’d like to spend nothing; pull a Bewitched and have everything fall into place perfectly, magically.  But since this is Earth and I am a mere mortal I guess I’m going to have to reevaluate my budget.

I pride myself on my resourcefulness and creativity. When I have to spend more than a few dollars on a project, I feel like I’ve failed in some way. There’s great satisfaction in creating something that delivers big wow at little cost. Of course, there are some things that can’t be constructed with a  glue gun and some chop sticks, like a new sofa set. I’m willing to budget for that. But, to me, nothing compares to creating something from nothing.

Since my new color scheme is so far off from what I’ve ever done before, and my existing stuff is going to be difficult to fit into this vision,  I’m finding a $50.00 budget difficult to stick to.

2. Ikea is a Necessary Evil
I have a love hate relationship with Ikea. I try to avoid going to Ikea if possible. For one, it’s always crowded and I find being herded through a million square feet just to end up with a few candles is not worth the trouble and aggravation.

On a slow day, Ikea is a fun place to go. I find it’s a great source for inspiration. There are many things in Ikea that can be used in unique ways and they have great sales. On a busy day however, it can be a little nightmarish.

If you go to Ikea with a plan and a list you’re better off. If you are going there to get ideas and see whats on sale, don’t go on a weekend. I also highly recommend going at it solo. This means leaving your significant other at home. Even with a list and a plan things can turn pretty ugly and you’re likely to find even the strongest relationship can crack under the stress of a day spent searching for all the correct pieces needed to hang a simple curtain rod.

No matter what though, I always end up at Ikea.

3. Only God Could Achieve Greatness in Seven days
 Actually I guess it was six, since He rested on the seventh day.

Currently I have a lot of time on my hands. Sure, I keep busy doing day-to-day stuff, but my schedule is pretty flexible. With this in mind, I thought for sure I would have this space completed in a week. How long can it take to paint four walls and rearrange some furniture?

In my defense, I did spend an entire day creating the widow treatment (click to see the project). We’ve also had a holiday this week which has limited my ability to throw myself into this project for several straight hours at a time. It’s difficult to work under the scrutiny of questioning eyes. How much longer would it have taken God to create the universe if the angels kept asking Him, “Why are you doing that? Why did you put Pluto way over there? Why is the sky blue?” It really hinders the creative process.

I also realize it takes time for a room to develop. It’s like a piece of art, and a masterpiece of a room is made by the memories created in it, the life you give to it through adding a bit of color and personality over time which of course takes more than a week. But I would like to have this canvas prepped as soon as possible.

4. A Shared Space Can Stifle Creativity
Because the family room is a shared space in the home it’s  important everyone enjoys the space. My husband, who is usually my biggest fan,  is looking a little frightened these days. He can’t comprehend my vision and the aqua blue has him tossing around references to the 70’s too many times throughout the day. So far, he is not digging the scene man.

I must admit, I’m also a little worried about where this is going. A voice in my head has said more than once “My God, what have you done?” My husbands remarks have also said more than at least a thousand times “My God, what have you done?” I can convince myself  but it has been difficult to get everyone else on board with this concept. When your vision is constantly questioned, you begin to question yourself and your own abilities. This only leads to the creative channels becoming severely clogged.

I’m sure once I’m left alone to ‘become one’ with this room, I will be able to bring the vision to fruition. Until then, I can only reassure everyone that in the end it will all come together and if worse comes to worse, they can all have fun putting it all back the way it was in the beginning.

So, I have expanded my budget a bit, given myself more time and will continue to live by my mantra:
I’m creative!
I’m resourceful!

And if you tell yourself something often enough, you will come to believe it. Having others believe it though is more of a challenge.

Progress so far:

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