The Before and After Process

I broke down this project by walls.  Here is the first part of this project: (try to ignore the fire-place  – yeah right!  – I plan on tiling it this summer)

Not to brag, but the pictures really don’t do justice and I love how this is coming together. The bold aqua blue is calmed by the “iced teal”. At first, I didn’t care for this color as it reminded me of the “seafoam green” that was such a popular bathroom color back in the 80’s. But now that I’ve added a lot of white, (still) Asian inspired accents, I really like how breezy and calming the room is starting to feel.

On the other hand, I felt the room was becoming a little too monochromatic.To add an unexpected burst of color I created what I am calling my ‘Chinese Pop Art Cat’ to hang above the fireplace. Creating this cat was pretty easy, I drew the outline of the cat, masked him off, painted the back ground then painted the body with two contrasting colors. You could do this with any simple shape and since there are no details in this style of painting it can be completed with in a few hours and with out much skill.

In case you are wondering about the title, I was originally going to do a  chinese brush painting with simple lines and shapes.  I saw a black and white brush painting of this cat, and thought it would be fun to do something completely different, like pop art. Though you cant see it here, I used a stamp of Chinese calligraphy to add a subtle pattern to the background.

Now, I only have three walls left  and the room will be complete. The process has been slow as I’ve had to do a few side projects to help keep my budget low. I’ve done some art work, built a couple of tables and repainted a lot of objects to make them work better in this room. So far, I have painted most objects white and I am really tired of painting stuff, and I am especially tired of painting stuff white (ughhhh) but I just keep thinking of the money I’m saving to put towards tiling the fire-place or purchasing a new sofa set. I have a few more projects to complete before the entire space comes together though which, unfortunately, probably means painting more stuff white (ughhhh).

Buddha before
Buddha before
Buddha after

Needless to say, I went over my $50.00 budget. But not by much, and I found a few good deals along the way.  Like the 12×12 lattice mirror, marked down to 15.00 from $45.00

And two of these plaques  – the color was perfect – each only $8.00; 60% off the original price! To break down the cost (excluding paint):

LACK wall shelf $19.99
LACK wall shelf $16.99 X 2
Small shelf           $5.99
Mirror                  $14.99
Lattice Mirror      $15.00
Wall plaques         $8.00 X 2

Total:                   $105.95

Here is a quick before and after so far…


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