And Now The End is Near (here)

Yes! I believe the end of this redo is here. Well, we’re never really “done” right?

I’ve posted before and after photos along the way, but here is a quick over view with final shots:

Before - Bland and Boring
Midway - getting there
Midway - getting there
After - Fireplace painted white
After - Fireplace painted white. This will have to do until I retile it.

For now, I’ve learned to live with the brown sofas, which by the way I really like, but I’m not crazy about it in this room. So I decided to camouflage them with pillows I made while I continue my search for the perfect sofa.

Blue line across the wall was distracting (this is the wall the tv is on, so we stare at it often...

Originally, I had continued the height of the aqua blue across the wall we have the T.V. against. After living with this for a couple of weeks, I decided I really didn’t like it. There was something very distracting and uncomfortable about staring at this line for long periods. I brought the line down a foot, which helped ease the “tension” given off by the sudden  break in the two colors.

A small detail: The original outlets and plates were an ugly yellowish tone. We replaced them at a total cost of about $50.00 (for six) Over all, this was the biggest splurge, in that I paid full price for them. It wasn’t a “fun” purchase, but I think it had a big impact in giving the room a finished look. It’s the little things right?

When I started, I gave myself a flexible budget. I didn’t want to spend a lot – I have too many rooms and a yard to make over to be dropping hundreds here and there on every little inspiring piece of art work or knickknack for one room – so my goal was to redo this room with as little damage to our bank account as possible. In my first post about this redo, I jokingly wrote I was giving myself a $50.00 budget, which would have been great, but wasn’t at all realistic. In reality I knew I didn’t want to spend more than $500.00. (This didn’t include the price of a new sofa set.) I didn’t keep track of my expenses down to the penny, but I did keep a pretty good tally of expenses which came out to be $350.00, give or take only a few dollars.

Today, I found the perfect table to go in the corner where I have the two small tables. It was what I originally had in mind. It was only $45.00 – I’m debating going back to buy it. I’ll think about it for a few more days. No, we’re never really “done”.

Now I have my canvas thoroughly prepped. I can live in this room and enjoy it without being distracted by the blandness of it all.  My husband actually likes it too and is relieved the room doesn’t resemble the “Gold Member”set, which is what he thought of the moment he saw the aqua blue walls. (Honestly, I think even that would have been an improvement from what it was before.)

Well, onto the next project…

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