Drab Dresser Redo

plain old white
plain old white

This dresser is from the stone age. It weighs about 1 ton and is indestructible. In its original state it was even uglier than this. It’s solid wood with a veneer top. I painted it black once. My son had it in his room for a few years and decorated it with stickers. Eventually it ended up in the state it’s in now. However, it is sturdy with very few chips and dings – not sure where it was made, but they definitely don’t make’m like this anymore.

It’s in what will soon be the guest bedroom. We’re going to have an out-of-town guest next month, so I have been very motivated to get this room in proper order as soon as possible. I thought I’d start with the dresser.

When I redid the dresser for my daughter she didn’t have a care as to how it looked, she just wanted it white. I had envisioned something with a little more “wow” to it. I’ve been highly unmotivated lately, but I need to get this done. I wanted to get the greatest wow with the least effort.

The white paint job from a few months ago is still good, I decided all this dresser needed was new pulls and perhaps a simple design. I opted for decals rather than hand painting. I just don’t have the time or patience for that this week.

First, I applied the decals. Easy enough.

I then removed the old handles and used wire and beads to make these drawer pulls. This required a quick trip to the craft store (they happened to be  having a sale on beads!). I spent about $18.00 on beads. I bought more than enough because I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I ended up with this simple staggered pattern.

I sorted the beads for each pull into little bowls to make for quicker assembly time. I used the screw driver to hold the wire taught while I applied beads.

Then I  twisted the two remaining ends together inside the drawer.

I will be applying a liner in the drawers to cover up this wire. Maybe a bright yellow felt liner would be a nice surprise.

Well that is this weeks project. I was a little unsure of using wire to make drawer pulls I thought over time the wire would become stretched out, but it is surprisingly strong and sturdy. I used wire from a hard ware store not jewelry wire. Also, this is in a guest bedroom and the dresser will not get a lot of daily use. I’m not sure I would do this on a dresser likely to under go a lot of daily wear and tear. I am happy with the result though:

Have a great week.


    • Thank you for having a look. Yes – you could customize this to any decor. After I did this I wanted to do all the handles on all the dressers in the house. lol – lots of fun ideas.

      just a side note: my daughter is now using this dresser and so far the handles have held up well. I was worried with lots of use the wire might start to stretch. I think the key is to use heavy duty wire (i’m not sure of the gauge I used for these pulls – but it is wire from a hard ware store, not crafting wire)
      have a great day.


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