Quick Butterfly Art

For the guest bedroom makeover (wich I am very much behind schedule on) I wanted to create a calming piece of art work that would work with the decor of the room, but would also be easy enough for me to produce in just a couple of hours.

The color scheme is black and white. The walls are aqua blue, which I am pretty tired of now, but being in a time crunch, they will have to stay that way for a while ( a very long while). I wanted to create a black and white piece of work for the space above the bed. Of course, I had some great ideas, all of them complex and time-consuming.

I found an image of a black and white butterfly which I though would be perfect, because it is a soothing image and subtle enough not to compete with the pattern on the bedding.

B/W butterfly

It took about 3 hours for me to do this, which might not be your idea of quick, but it took a while to get the wings just the right shade of silver.

Wouldn’t you know, I didn’t have the right sized canvas, but I did have an old Ikea Lack TV table sitting in the garage, the top was a perfect size, so I dismantled the table and used the top for my canvas.

When creating something as symmetrical as a butterfly it helps to draw the image out on a piece of paper. Just make sure the size of your drawing is the size of the image you want to paint. When you have one half of the drawing done just right, simply fold the paper in half and cut the image out (Just like the heart shapes from back in kindergarten), then you have a symmetrical image to use as a stencil on your canvas. Very easy.

So this weeks project was just a simple painting. I also managed to hang curtains. There is still a bit more do, but I’m almost done. Hopefully I’ll  have big reveal photos next week.

I should also mention I really, really wanted to paint a wall in this room black. I still want to but I’m very nervous about taking that step. I love color and have used bold colors on walls, but something about using black scares me a little. let me know if you have actually taken the bold move to paint a wall black, I’d love to hear about it and see pictures too.


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