Digging in the Dirt (part 1)

Spring is in the air. Or it was for a couple of days. We had a beautiful weekend which revived my senses and left me with a longing to be in the great outdoors. The great outdoors being our yard.

Attack of the blackberry bush

Here is a partial shot of what our yard looked like when we moved in. UGLY. Not exactly the kind of place conducive to relaxation.  But there is huge potential here. Obviously, the blackberry bushes had to go. I had mixed feelings about this. I feel anything that produces something as good and delicious as a blackberry should be allowed to live. All it would take is a little pruning and TLC to make them look pretty again right? Well, most people would say no. It seems to be the general opinion in these parts that the black berry bushes had to go. So out they came. However with one stipulation, my husband is not allowed to buy, or for that matter, eat another black berry again.

Then there were these randomly placed trees. I think maybe the previous owners just wanted to plant a forest in the yard. I really couldn’t make much sense of their placement. So of course out they came. Don’t worry, I put my foot down about tossing these little guys into the jaws of the evil chipper. 

The yard was very uneven which caused water to pool, creating a muddy swamp like mess. It seemed the only solution was to dig it up and start over. Of Course!!! So out came the grass.

It only took a few days to get the yard leveled and the trees moved. The grass is now coming in very slowly.

Here is the progress so far: We transplanted the trees along the fence line. They make for a much nicer barrier than those ugly blackberry bushes.


Yes, I realize the trees were just a bit crooked (ok – more than a bit) – I’ll try to get to those today. But I’m happier with their placement here rather than how they were randomly scattered around the yard. The white picket fence will come down soon – hopefully within the week and will be replaced with a taller privacy fence.

Still to do:
1. build a fence
2. build a retaining wall
3. pretty it all up a bit – ummmm A LOT!

So, I know what I’m doing on my summer vacation ( and right now it feels like for the rest of my life). What about you?

Really, what better way to spend a nice day than digging in the dirt? Although I’m not sure Peter Gabriel meant it so literally.


  1. Nice! I was having the same idea to plant trees in a row like that! For the time being, I had only gotten 1 tree from the nursery. What tree are those? 😀


    • Thanks, I really didn’t want to just dispose of these trees – they were so healthy and I knew they would work great to give us and our neighbors some privacy. Sorry – I don’t know the names of them off hand, but if I find out I’ll let you know.


    • Hi – The name of these trees is Thuja Occidentalis. Wikipedia gives a pretty good list of other names for it as well. I’m not sure what they would be called in your area. They sure seem hardy and transplanted quite well. They should get bushy and fill in to become more hedge like.
      good luck with your planting.


      • Very nice! You are sure lucky to have grown trees in the garden when you moved in. Looking forward to your next posts! 😀


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