Creating a Roof Top Garden

I had to take a break from the yard work. Our yard is still in such a sorry state, it seems defeating to work so hard only to gain minimal results. I know I must have patience, but for now I thought I’d work on something I knew I’d be able to enjoy after a few hours of work. I’m sort of an immediate gratification sorta girl.

This is our roof top patio. I really love it. There’s a nice view and I imagine us having many relaxing nights dinning al fresco on warm summer evenings.  But as it looks now, it’s not the place you’d want to eat a bologna sandwich, much less enjoy a good meal.

Fortunately, I had everything I needed to create an inviting space here, with the exception of greenery and shade. But that only required a quick run to the garden center. It was just a mater of getting motivated to DO SOMETHING. Well, really I’ve had the motivation, but other projects have been taking  up most my time.

Though the view is enough of a focal point (minus the lovely power line…) I wanted to create a focal point on the brick exterior fire-place wall.  A nice place for the eyes to focus for anyone sitting with their back towards the view. Who wants to stare at a boring brick wall? So I came up with this:

 I fixed a string of lights to the backs of these screens and this became my inspiration for the space. I can’t wait for the plants to fill out, especially the Calla Lilly.

Here are a couple more photos of our new rooftop garden:


I’m quite happy with it, though I’m sure over time I will add a few more plants and possibly more seating,  I love it and I’m looking forward to having my coffee out here in the mornings, dinning in the evenings and just relaxing.

Well, that was my project for the week, not sure what I have planned for this week – maybe I’ll just be relaxing on my rooftop garden – IF the weather cooperates.


  1. Love it! Nice that you have this space!! Really Cool! So you went from under the house to the the top, Yeah!!!!


    • I know, thats funny. I still miss my under the house space A LOT though. Thanks for checking it out and wish you could join me out here for a nice cold one.


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