Remembering Singapore

As I mentioned in past posts, we’ve recently relocated from Singapore to Washington state. Wow, I need to stop saying “recently relocated”. It’s been almost a year.

Washington is a beautiful state. So much greenery and water everywhere. One thing strange about Singapore, it’s an island country, but you just don’t see the water much unless you happen to be in a high rise. I can’t say I miss the intense humidity of Singapore but I could stand a little warmth today. I’ve been cold since I got here and while I’m not complaining about cool weather –


So, today I was just thinking about the sunshine and some of the other things I’m missing:

I didn’t have my Vespa long before we had to move, but WHAT FUN. I miss it so  much! The best way to get around for sure.

This is the area under my house, I spent all my time here. On the other side was a large space where I’d spend most my days painting. It was so relaxing.

I have a picture of my best Singapore buddy, but I haven’t asked her permission to post her photo here, so just imagine a fun, sexy, tanned brunette in this space.

Rex, Stella and Rucca. Rucca, the little one, came back with us but she disappeared about two days before Christmas. I miss her, but we hope to have Rex and Stella with us again soon!

Well, this has been fun. Now I guess I’ll go crank up the furnace to about 90.


    • Thanks for the “like’. I absolutely LOVE your blog – great photos, really makes me miss my Vespa now. BTW you should have seen mine before the photo on my post – it was all beat up and really sad looking.
      Have fun on your Vespa adventures.


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