I Wont Let You Die (ode to my blog)

Dear Blog,

You must understand blogging is tough work. Well, for me it is. I don’t fall into the  well read, well-informed, hugely entertaining, highly intellectual, wonderfully witty writer category other bloggers fall into.  I don’t know how some bloggers hold down successful careers, maintain beautifully decorated homes, take thrilling vacations on a monthly basis and still have time to produce interesting, informative, fantastic blogs complete with National Geographic quality photos. I don’t have much of a life, but even my day-to-day tasks  keep me from writing quality content on a regular schedule. Damn, I’m such an underachiever. That must be why:

We don’t have a huge following – we barely have a speck of a following. But I cherish those occasional followers.  I’m happy at the moment. You aren’t dead yet at least.

We rarely have more than a handful of views a day. True,  we often hit the double digits, which used to give me enough of a rush I could skip my mid day caffeine fix. I still get a rush from a few daily views and the occasional “like”.  I only hope this enough for you. Surely, you will survive on such crumbles.

I will continue to cultivate, nourish, nurse and sometimes chant life encouraging incantations over you, budding blog. I’ll do what ever is in my limited power to sustain you – even if just barely.

I’ll try not to let you meet a quiet, lonely death like those blogs I sometimes stumble upon that haven’t received an entry in years. So sad, another blog sent off to wash upon the shores of bvloghallah. I’ll do my very best not to let this happen.

Though I may break one of the first rules of blogging; Write Meaningful Content, I wont let you die a slow death on the road to starvation.  I’ll  try to give you quality, blog worthy, nourishing content,  but understand there will be times when I can only muster enough energy to offer an only slightly nutritious snack – A McParagraph with a side of under cooked humor once in a while.

And while I also break one of the second rules of blogging; Write Well,  you should know a lot of blogs out there far worse off than you. Just know, I’m doing my very best in this big, crazy world that is the blogosphere and while you may not be thriving or living to your full potential I respect you and promise I wont let you die.

Sincerely, Me.


  1. I can really relate to this! I have been neglecting my blog an I’m just getting back into the swing of things. I’m trying to post more consistently. I know your blog will continue to grow just because you’ve made a conscious effort to try and it shows!


    • …. thanks so much for the nice comment. it’s hard work blogging as I’m sure you know. Some times I wonder why I bother, but I enjoy doing it for now and my friends like seeing what I’m up to..

      Oh – about the pin cushion. It WAS easy. In fact, I really want to make more, I save a relish jar today 🙂


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