Betty White, I Love You!

Betty White at the Time 100 gala in 2010

The other night I happened to catch the show ‘Betty White’s Off Their Rockers’. If you haven’t seen it it’s like “Jackass” for the mischievous mature.

I’ve never paid much attention to Betty White before, but now as I start to creep up in age, I’m starting to take notice of people who are much older than me, yet in some ways, their spirit is so much more youthful. Not that I feel or act old, I just don’t want to ever feel like life has passed me by.

Betty is one of those people who seems to have always been there, much like Dick Clark was or how Keith Richards is. It only occurred to me last night how old Betty White must be so I Googled her. She was born in 1922, which makes her 90 years OLD!

So, that’s it then, Betty White is officially my new hero.

I am just so amazed at how witty,spry and energetic Betty White is. Could she be a vampire? I’ve googled her house searching for an aerial view that might show a peek of the fountain of youth, I only see a swimming pool – couldn’t get a close enough view to see if there were any alien cocoons in there. I’d like to get a look inside her medicine cabinet.

Hebe; Goddess of youth

Or her basement, that’s probably where she keeps the altar where she offers nectar to the Goddess Hebe on every full moon.

Anyhow, when I start to think about getting old and settling into my old rocking chair, surrounded by cats, hoping my family will remember to feed me on occasion, I now just think of Betty White and her wit, her smile, her style, her love of life and I feel so inspired and excited to think of how many more years of adventure, laughter and FUN I have in front of me.

It’s because of this I say, “Betty White, I love you!”


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