Still Busy in the Boudoir

Last week I started work on our master bedroom. I began painting right away, but I’m still at it. It’s been a long process as I have to start and finish early in the day to make sure the room has plenty of time to air out before we go to bed every night.

The other project I started on right away was the very UGLY headboard. I have despised the headboard from day ONE. No matter what bedding or how many pillows I throw on it, its ugliness glares at me. It reminds me of a car seat or those old chunky recliners you’d find in a cabin. It’s a new bed, less than two years old. We bought it because the mattress is awesome, unfortunately we had to take the rest of the bed too.

I should mention we bought it in Singapore so it is not a standard U.S. size, which means it wont be easy to find a frame to fit it. The other option was to remove the head-board, but honestly, the bed is comfy as is, I like the padding on the head-board because it’s great support when reading in bed. The only option I can think of is upholstering it.

I first thought I’d remove all the faux leather and some of the padding, but after peeling off the dust catcher and seeing how the bed was constructed and how the padding was attached, I realized attempting to change the structure of the padding in any way was sure to be way beyond my skill level.

Instead, I decided to apply the fabric over the existing material using my trusty staple gun.

After a few hours,  I was done with the head-board, but I still needed to do the rest of the bed, which you can see below. The fabric is not as shiny as it looks, I think my flash created a glare.

I’m not a great photographer, so in the photos It doesn’t seem like much of an improvement,  but I am quite happy with the result. Now I need to find bedding. I’ve been on the hunt for weeks and wouldn’t you know, I am finding exactly the print I want, just not in the right color. I’m starting to think I should have chosen a different color. Oh well, something will come up.

On Another Note:

Have you seen the cost of bedding lately? Good GOD you really could support a small developing nation on what it would cost for a decent bedding set. The prices really are ridiculous, especially when you consider some of that very fancy, expensive bedding is made in places where the producers would never be able to afford even half a pillow case. In the beginning, I thought to myself, I’m gonna splurge on luxurious linens for the bed.’ I just can’t bring myself to do it, even if I had the budget for it, it seems almost obscene to spend that kind of money on a duvet or a pillow sham. How much money are we talking here? Well, for starters a flat sheet I came across was US$190.00 by itself. NO WAY. You can imagine what the rest of the set cost. Try $499.00 for a simple coverlet – again, NO WAY.

Anyway the before and after: Gee, I guess I could have at least made the bed a little nicer in that first pic. 🙂

Covering the base of the bed was super easy and took no time at all.There is still a lot to do in here, but I think I can get this half of the room done in a couple of weeks. I really hope to find a reasonably priced comforter soon, in the color I want, and without having to take out a loan to purchase.

Well, until next week….

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