Discover Your Natural Talents

This is Rex. As you can see, Rex is a cat. Rex isn’t aware he’s a cat. Well, perhaps he is aware in a sense that he knows he’s different from the dogs, but he seems to have little understanding of the unique characteristics he possesses that make him a cat.

Rex does not move through the house with the stealth like, regal swagger of a typical cat. Rex, all 12 pounds of him, often sounds like a young Saint Bernard when he darts from room to room. He also seems to lack the keen intelligence and inquisitive mind of your average feline friend. Rex will never be harmed by curiosity. I sometimes wonder if Rex ate paint chips when he was but a wee boy.

The strangest thing about Rex is his inability to jump. He suffers from no physical impairment that would hinder his jumping abilities. He just doesn’t realize he can do it. There has been the rare occasion when he has jumped on the kitchen counter and hid behind the microwave. From behind the microwave he stared at me, bewildered and confused about how he got there.

I keep the cat food on the kitchen counter so the dogs wont eat it. At first I worried Rex might starve, unable to reach his food. Apparently he doesn’t realize the counter top that supports the microwave is the exact same height as the counter where his food can be found. As Stella, his adopted mother, enjoys her breakfast and dinner, Rex only stares up at her, then at me perplexed as to why I choose to ignore his hunger.

Ah, but Rex is not as dense as he seems, he has shown some real ingenuity recently. He realized he is able to jump on a dinning room chair. Hooray for Rex!  From there it’s only a giant step to the table top. Once atop the table, a chair back can be used as a launching perch to the counter and ultimately to FOOD. However, this may take a few tries. Especially if the chair is not properly positioned.  Will Rex ever realize he can make the jump from floor to counter? Will he ever gain the confidence he needs to live his cat life to his full cat potential?

I think Rex is like a lot of people. A beautiful creature unaware of their gifts and talents or not confident enough to see the full potential in their natural abilities. I find I can really relate to Rex. I too often choose the more difficult route over the most obvious and direct one. Yet Rex has proven a little resourcefulness and tenacity will lead you to your goal.


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