Still at it in the Boudoir

It has been a super busy two weeks, but it has been fun. We’ve spent time with family we rarely get to see and met a few new family members as well. Needless to say my master bedroom redo has been put on hold, however I managed to finish with one project just before all our festivities started.

I have two antique Chinese tables I thought about selling but then decided to give them a makeover instead. I know to some of my friends who love this Asian furniture, painting over such a lovely design would seem almost sacrilegious, but It’s only paint right? I love the tables, but in this  “original” state they weren’t working at all with my color scheme.

The tables had a coat of lacquer on them so they needed a good roughing up in order for the paint to stick. Luckily I have a small electric sander which made this an easy process. (After my dresser redo I decided an electric sander would be a good investment.) I had to hand sand the drawers and the  molding around the doors though. Once the sanding was done the painting was a cinch. First, I spray painted the bronze hardware with a”hammered silver’ effect spray paint then I used a roller to cover the large surfaces. After the paint dried I taped off around the molding to apply the accent color with a small brush. If you have a steady hand – lucky you; when I paint straight lines I HAVE to mask off the surrounding areas which is the most tedious part of painting for me.

I used a set of rubber stamps to stamp the dandelion design on the doors and drawers. This set is called Seeds of Kindness and is from Stampin Up. Rubber stamps make this kind of project super quick and easy.

This is the new look:

I’m nowhere near finished with the room, but I am definitely moving along. It took me about two weeks to finish painting the walls. The walls are heavily textured which required some extra effort to work the roller into all the crevasses and I think it took about a week and a half working on and off to finish these tables. I’m sure this could be accomplished in a day though. It really wasn’t difficult at all. I used the same color paint on the tables I used on the walls.

Now, I know you are thinking they looked much better before, but I have no regrets about repainting them.

Well, until next time…


    • Hi, yes I am a little bit aware of the history of the tables. I have quite a few other pieces around my house that I WILL NOT be painting. I really debated about painting these beautiful tables for almost two years. I honestly dont regret doing it, but I have no plans to paint anything else like this. Thanks for visiting.


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