Has This Happened To You? (Adventures in Blogging)

Since I started blogging back in November I’ve developed a regular blogging routine. I have a blog I post on daily where the writing is extemporaneous. Needless to say some posts are good, some are not so good and some are extremely short, depending on my mood and schedule (and I use the word ‘schedule’ very loosely).

On this blog, I try to post once a week or at least every other week (if only to just barely keep my poor blog from dying a slow death).  In my free time I work on rough drafts and brain storm. Every morning I like to check my stats (actually I check them about every ten minutes) and peruse the Freshly Pressed posts where I always find something to my liking. At least weekly I try follow up with commenters to my blogs, visit those who “liked” me and in general just show a bit of courteous reciprocation to my fellow bloggers. I have found some great blogs this way, several of which I follow and read regularly.

I should mention, of the 4 million blogs on Word Press, I’m raked 399 millionth so I am always excited to have the underwhelming one or two “likes” a week and the occasional daily visitor. I’m ok with that, really I am, but It doesn’t mean I don’t get just a little excited when my likes and views extend beyond the normal one or two. Don’t you just feel just a little surge of excitement when you log into Word Press and see a little high lighted star signifying that someone out there really liked you? It’s intoxicating. Of course, for you more talented folk, I imagine such an event is no more exciting than discovering a dust bunny behind your night stand. Lucky You.


Imagine my surprise yesterday as I was typing away on a rough draft when my comment icon lit up. I waited as long as I possibly could before clicking on it. I wanted to bask in the glow of it for a while before deflating my bubble by finding it was only a cleverly disguised spammer:

…”I like you much. You write just what I look for”…

There is something about the comment icon; for those of you who remember, I compare it to the flashing red light of an answering machine –

somebody loves me

there’s the  build up of  “oh, some one called me, someone was thinking of me. Who could it be?” The excitement of a possible party invite, a dream job offer, a long lost but now found pet. Oh the anticipation of it all!

Then with the touch of a button in a few short seconds you are once again reduced to being the worlds biggest loser, a forgotten soul, lost at the bottom of an old back pack amidst the lone Mentos and lowley pennies

“Heeelllp Meeeee”

– it was a hang up call or one of those voice recorded sales pitches, in which case the hang up call offers the most interest and mystery, keeping you up at night…wondering….

And so it is with the comment or like icon. There’s the moment of exciting anticipation as that little star glows at you


– “Wow, someone visited my blog, someone read my stuff!! And they liked it. Who, Who, Who????”

Then just like that, click – it’s over. It was simply someone driving viewers to their sales pitch. Ah Well…..

Now that I have given you a little glimpse at how insecure I am and my pathetic need for recognition and acceptance,  you can imagine my total elation when I clicked on my little notification icon to find SOMEONE liked me. A LOT. Apparently, they thought whatever post I had written that  brought them to my blog in the first place was so super fantastic they decided to hang out a while and read all of my posts. AND they liked all of them, I’m now the happiest person in bloggy land. Someone out there appreciates me! FINALLY!

English: Mushroom toxicity icon - Edible

Well, of course I just had to pay a visit to this like-minded blogger who obviously has such good taste. I had to give them a big thank you and read what they had to say. This could be the beginning of a great new friendship, after all we obviously have a lot in common.

Here is where it got really strange. My liker and I had nothing in common at all. In fact, I can’t even figure out what would bring them to my blog in the first place. I did write a post about our dogs once, so perhaps he (or she) zoned in on the tag DOG, because one would get the impression from reading his (or her) posts, they might most definitely be a dog.

yes, it’s filled with my tears

I wont bother to mention the blog here, I’m not sure it’s a place I would want to send you. I’m all for free speech and appreciate the fact we all have different interests and opinios and everyone is free to express those opinions in whatever way they chose, but I draw the line at promoting someone whose views are so clearly borderline despicable (in my opinion).

Now, I use the words he/ she, his/her because really I am not so sure my overzealous fan  is a man. One wold be led to believe it’s a man with an attraction to a certain type of female. Yet I have to wonder if this isn’t an experiment in psychology or social networking or the psychology of social networking or something other than what it seems to be on the surface. I hope this is the case. If so then – Oh my aren’t THEY the clever one. If not, well, be afraid be VERY afraid.

I Kill You!!

As I read through a few of the comments on his/her blog I found others who were lured there to offer up their gratitude as well, only to become as equally as confused as I was. Well, on the one hand the ploy worked, greatful and curious bloggers were driven to his/her blog. On the other hand it makes me uncomfortable. It’s like being invited to a BBQ only to find youv’e been led into a convention hall of Archaeopteryx worshiping cultists.

Archaeopteryx litographica from the Late Juras...
You WILL worship and adore ME!

Most the time I easily shrug off the spammers or sales pitches and I’m not above visiting and comenting on someones blog who happened to like me for my possble visit to their blog, but in this case I’m just a little more than turned off and confused by it. But mostly I am deeply hurt and dismayed he or she really didn’t like me after all.

English: lonely, unhappiness sp: tristeza, des...

How about you? Do you find it discouraging when your likers turn out to be a fakes? Does this happen often? Have you ever been sorely let down by an imagined fan base? Do you feel a little surge of excitement at those glowing notification icons? I’d love to hear about it. Perhaps we can form a support group.

See you there!

A meeting room set.
I’ll be waiting for you


  1. Hi Marie, I just logged in to meetup to check the Tacoma Arts and Crafts group, so excited to see you as a new member and a fellow blogger, really enjoy your writing, I can REALLY relate! Looking forward to meeting you, I think you will find our meetup group to be very welcoming, accepting and lots of fun 🙂



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