Day 8

Happy New Year.

That’s all for today.

Hey, when I decided to get back into this blogging thing, I never promised I’d have anything important to say.

Actually, It hasn’t been easy to go around wishing people a Happy New Year.

On New Years Day, my son woke me up with some terrible news. A good friend of his was killed in an accident. I don’t really feel it is my place to write about this tragic loss, but it has had an effect on me. All I can think of is this boys mom and the pain she is going through.

Blogs are supposed to be upbeat and project an aura of fun and positivity, but in this case, I can only wish you all a safe new year and hope we can all take time to let those around us know that we love them and care about them.



  1. I’m so sorry for your loss Marie. Blogs are for whatever you want and I’ve found that when I’ve shared sad things the folks in the Blogosphere were extremely kind and supportive.


    • Oh thank you, I’m am deeply sorry for the pain his mom is going through. I do not know her well, but my son is very close to her and I knew the son, it was a shock to hear the news.


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