The Call of The Drunken Pansies

Do you find yourself getting so bored or frustrated with a project you end up rushing through it just to get it finished? Do you end up with other than desirable results when this happens? This often happens to me when I take on something  like a complete room redo, especially when there is a lot of painting involved and especially when painting with one dominant color.

When I gave our family room a complete make over last fall, it involved painting a lot of our existing  furniture and accent pieces white, including this armoire which was the last piece I painted that would have made this room complete (with the exception of finding a new sofa which we finally did a few months ago …). By the time I gave it a wash of white paint, drew, masked and hand painted the double luck symbol I was totally OVER IT. Though I intended the cherry blossoms to look whimsical, airy and fun, my boredom and impatience produced blossoms that looked more like dejected, frazzled skid row  pansies.

armoire before

When I sit in this room, my eyes are always drawn to those frazzled, drunken little blossoms. They scream at me constantly,”Save Us, Help us, look what you’ve done….”.  Clearly, I’ll have no peace until I rescue these buds from their identity crisis.

As somewhat of a New Years resolution, I’ve vowed to have more patience – to enjoy the process of DOING and not feel rushed to completion. I need to learn it’s okay to walk away from a project when I begin to feel bored and rushed.

To test my new-found “enjoy every moment” approach to projects I CHOOSE to take on, I decided to tackle this armoire again. This time, I would take my time, practice patience, enjoy the process and ignore that voice in my head that screams “Get er DONE!”

I sanded off as many cherry blossoms as possible without damaging the center design. I applied more white paint, properly attached the pulls (which required drilling new holes and patching the old) and  made a cherry blossom stencil out of cardboard (because I obviously couldn’t do it free hand as clear by the first attempt) and traced the cutouts onto the armoire. Then I painted. AND took my time at it.

armoire bef:aft

I like it much better, well, I can live with it. The only way to truly fix it would be to strip it completely and I am just not ready to test my patience that much yet. But from now on I vow to have patience through the entire process of a project.  Rushing really only creates more work.

By the way, I never posted a before and after shot once we got our new sofa so here it is:

Before, the brown sofa, even with all the colorful pillows just wasn’t working for me.

Do you ever get bored with projects you decide to take on? How do you handle it? Do you rush through it or put it away until you feel ready to do it right the first time? Or are you one of those annoying people who just happens to do everything perfectly and easily on your first attempt? I’d love to hear about it.


  1. Yes, I am one of those people who does everything right the first time!!! What, you don’t believe me?!! Well I tried!! Perfection of course, is in the eye of the beholder.


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