Super Quick Decoupaged Box

So real quick like…. Not a lot of time for a project this week AND I sometimes like to post simple projects for those who think they are not crafty or creative.

I wouldn’t say I’m a type A personality when it comes to organization, but I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

I’ve had this filing box for years. No, it isn’t pretty, but it has always been in a closet or a cupboard. What works for me now though is having it out and accessible. I use it to keep all current important documents handy and to file our bills.

filie box

Since it sits on the floor out in the open now, (filing cabinets don’t work for me –  that’s why) I find it to be a real eye sore. I went hunting today for a pretty decorative box and while I found many, I settled on this one:

black boxI thought the little flip top compartment in the lid was so handy; A great place to store envelopes, stamps and mailing labels and a pair of reading glasses – all the items I need when I am working out of the box.

I often cover boxes with decorative paper and use them for storage on shelves. It’s a simple, cheap and easy way to add a bit of “style”, pizzazz, or color.  For this one I just applied some scrapbook paper (from Steam Punk Botanicals Recollections Paper stack) on the top and front. I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to cut around the handle openings on the sides, so I opted for a simple layout:

easy decoupage

Very easy, just cut out a design and glue it on the box (I used modge podge) decoupage style. This is a very simple way to add your own personality and taste to a basic storage box (like a sturdy shoe box) in very little time. This took me about 30 minutes. You wouldn’t even have to cut out the pattern, you could wrap it like a present with some beautiful wrapping paper (just wrap the lid and bottom separately).

Boxes are a great way to organize and store small items AND recycle otherwise functional boxes.  All it takes is your favorite pattern and some Modge Podge! (If you feel challenged at even using Modge Podge, you could opt for stickers.)

And now to find a way to repurpose that ugly file box…

Ideas anyone?


  1. I’m always a fan of glitter, but some people feel that it can be overdone. There is spray paint made especially for plastic, I’ve used it with good results. A bright new color, or metallic might make this box look a bit more interesting. Love the new box idea. I have several boxes in my closet that could use some help. I think coordinating papers might work. Thanks for a great idea.


    • Sure this could have been a longer and more elaborate project for sure, but I just left it at this. But I do LOVE glitter too and I really like your idea of metallic paint. Next time I might give that a try. Thanks so much for reading and commenting – cheers!


    • Thanks so much. I think I got the idea from receiving some fancy perfume in a really sturdy nice box, but wanted to make the color fit better with my scheme at the time so I just covered it. I’d love to see what you do.


    • I saw some nice boxes already decorated, but I really liked how this one opened at the top and they only came plain – so I thought I’d give it some personality.


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