My Pinterest Corner

I’m cheating a little with this post – it’s more of a repost of two separate posts, but what can I say? It was a busy week and this is the best I can do.

I recently posted about how I carved out this little space in the corner of our family room to give myself a place to get “create”.  So far it has worked out great. So great that I had to reevaluate and find a way to organize the templates I’ve made (and continue to make) to design these Altoids tins:


Also, a while ago I posted about my own Ikea hack on a standard Ikea Lack table and made this bulletin board along with these little mini boards.DSC_0403

I had put them away when our son moved back into the room originally intended to be my space and you can probably guess why a 19-year-old guy might not find this suitable decor for his room – long, boring story. ANYWAY I decided to put them to use as a way to organize my templates; I just added cup hooks to the mini boards, which are actually table legs with cork on them then wrapped in fabric. DSC_0878

I use binder clips to clip my templates and stencils together, then hang them on the hooks so they are easy to find when I need them. And I have room to add lots more!

My "Pinterest" Corner

I call this my Pinterest corner. Yes, Pinterest is a fun, easy way to organize your ideas but sometimes it’s nice to have those ideas handy when you work. Now I have a place to “pin” my own scribbles, doodles, templates and other ideas I want to have quick access to.

That is it for this weekend. I have a few projects on my to-do-list for this coming  week so I hope to have something original to post next time, but thanks for reading! Have an awesome week!


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