Inspiration for Next Project (and a sneak peek)

The inspiration for my next project:


Notice the perfectly manicured nails? Or pedicured I guess, as cats don’t have hands. I’ll explain the why of it all, but first a bit of a tangent.

Things I have learned from living with cats and dogs:

– Some cats think fresh flowers make great confetti – I love a party, but I prefer not to be greeted with shredded flowers strewn throughout the house when I walk in the door.

– Dogs love delicately embellished throw pillows. Such pillows are perfect for napping. Once they are properly fluffed of course. If all sequins and threading happens to be forcefully removed during the fluffing – all the better.

– Beaded curtains make for perfect 2 am play toys, and once they are ripped down there’s more fun to be had batting them around on a hard wood floor.

– Carpeting and pets don’t mix. While the dogs drag dirt and mud in, the cats like to take turns leaving their own mark on our carpets.  Though 75% of our floors are hard wood, the cats always manage to dry-heave their way  across every square inch of bare floor  to deliver their freshly regurgitated hairball or breakfast onto one of only a few carpeted areas of our house. They taught the dogs how to do this as well.

– I haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle in years. If you know cats, then you know how they will decide to suddenly move from one side of a room to the other as fast as possible. A nice smooth surface to slide across makes for more exciting travels through said room – if only that dang 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle wasn’t in the way – “oh never mind, I cleared it for you” (says cat to bleary eyed puzzle doer).

– Cleaning the glass patio doors is futile.

I’ve learned to accept these things and make necessary accommodations. After all, I spent years accommodating for our kids, why should it be different for the pets? However when fresh claw marks were discovered on our new sofa a few weeks ago I thought ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Or rather, my otherwise patient husband decided enough was enough.  Off to the pet market I went; sternly escorted by previously mentioned patient hubby. Hence, the prettily pedicured paws.

Now onto the sneak peek:

discarded shelves

I purchased this shelf over 20 years ago at a garage sale. It has worked well in every room in some way. Now it’s stored away in the garage and has become a handy place to store the sleeping bags. I just spray painted it white and now I’m going to attempt to transform it into a cat condo of sorts.

I realize cats need to scratch.  I take full responsibility for them clawing our furniture. I haven’t provided them with a cat friendly scratch zone. I’ve thought of purchasing a climbing tree for them, but they can be pricey and you know how it is with cats:


No matter how much we give, it’s never good enough. (photo from

I was inspired by a few designer cat trees I saw on-line:

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower  USD369.00 from
The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower USD369.00 from

This is pretty and sleek, more my style than those bulky trees I see in the local pet stores, so I doubt the cats will like it. It’s also expensive. What I have in mind for my shelves will look nothing like this, but I’ll at least have saved myself about $350.00 – I’ve already spent a few bucks on the carpet and twine.

So, I’m off to see what I can put together from the old shelves and the scraps of wood and carpet I found. The plan is to get this project finished as soon as possible; before the nail caps start coming off.

Well, here I go.

I think the cats have hatched a plan of their own.

Stay tuned for more….


  1. Awaiting this one with interest as my cats follow the excellent examples above …………… cardboard boxes rule here as homes, toys, fighting arenas, condos, hiding places, and most of all competition – just how many cats can you get in a box?


    • god question. I’ve seen my cat wedge herself into some pretty small boxes, so I’m thinking it depends on the size of the cat.
      Didn’t Shrodinger try to answer that very question?


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