Hoo’s That Peeking at Me?

This little table called out to me the other day as I wondered around a garage sale. I thought I could add it to my collection of “ugly furniture to makeover someday”. Yes, it has seen better days, and I’m positive it smelled better in its youth as well. It also needed a few repairs. Nothing a little wood glue and filler wouldn’t take care of.  If you are curious about the style, I believe it is an Art Deco waterfall end table. “Waterfall” refers to the rounded edges.

waterfall table before

I took it home, added it to my collection and waited for it to speak to me. One day as I was rummaging through the pile, I heard a little voice whisper “Blue. Robins egg blue. Please?”

I was bitten by the painted furniture bug years ago, but this is the first time in a while I’ve had access to so much unwanted furniture at such great prices. (Summers around here mean LOTS of garage and estate sales.)  It’s also the first time I’ve had space to both store and work on my finds. Needless to say, I’ve accumulated a nice little collection. The problem is, waiting for each piece to speak to me.

Sometimes, you might find trying to communicate with a piece of furniture is a little trying to communicate with a moody teenager. Typically I hear only muffled whispers. Yet, patience does pay off…

I began the prep work; sanding, cleaning, sanding, priming, sanding – yes there is quite a bit of sanding involved in painting furniture. After the first coat of paint was applied, I was at a stand still. There had to be a way to dress it up a bit without adding too much detail. Seemed as though my little table went mute on me.

After a few days of silence, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went on a hunt for a knob. I wasn’t sure whether to go with something dainty and feminine, whimsical or simple. I settled on a simple whimsical owl.

I wasn’t entirely pleased with my decision, but when I revealed the knob to the table, its excitement was hard to contain. As was mine.

The knob became the inspiration for the surprise inside as well as the little touch on the back. Finally, I had completed one project on my to-do list!

table Collage

I just love having a little surprise inside a cabinet or drawer, so I thought the owl could offer a nice ‘how do ya do’ to anyone who might decide to give this table a new home.

I hope I can get at least two other small projects completed this month. I’m hearing mumbles coming from the garage, so I may be back real soon…

Cheers! Hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer.

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15 thoughts on “Hoo’s That Peeking at Me?

    1. Thanks. I have painted a lot of furniture, but since I want to sell this piece I did it the right way. Took a long time, but I am pretty happy with it. I am really happy with the owl, it is so cheerful.


  1. WOW! I just love your creative process and the end result – LOVE IT!! Love the owl surprise too, gotta love owls 🙂

    I’m sure you will get those other two small projects completed too, you can do it!


  2. ok, Marie, you need to comeback to SG!!! You are so creative…and I need some of that to rub on on me. So, hopefully I just planted the idea in your head so you can start working on it 🙂
    Xio M.


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