We’ve Gone Batty!

Hi everyone, thought I would share with you what I have been up to these days. I really have been doing stuff 🙂 Here is a post from a new blog I manage for our store Twisted Elliot.
Thanks for reading!

Twisted Elliot

This is Twisted Elliot’s first Halloween! Hillary and I are excited because, well, Halloween is kind of our thing.

We were off to a good start at building an inventory of hand-made Halloween items, then something happened. We began to freak out a little about the upcoming holidays, so now that Halloween is just around the corner – so, pretty much over with – we’ve started to focus our attention on end of the year projects and events (which we will be sharing with you soon, I hope). But for now, we thought we’d offer a peek into what we have been up to for Halloween.

I started a few weeks ago by making these polymer clay bat pendants. Each one is formed by hand, so they are all unique. In other words NOT perfect.  I rarely use molds for any of my polymer clay items. There is something about…

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