Elliot’s New Dress

Seems my absences here keep getting longer. Here is the most recent post on Twisted Elliot. Hope you all are off to a great New Year. Cheers!

Twisted Elliot

Well, Happy New Year. As this was Twisted Elliot’s first holiday season, we were so super busy making preparations we neglected to share with you all the fabulousness happening in the shop. Before we knew it, the New Year had arrived and we were so lost in a whirl of ribbons, wrappings, glitter and glue we just couldn’t make our way through it all to Word Press and then, poor Elliot was looking in need of a much deserved makeover.

As we waded through all the trappings of the season wondering whatever could we do to rejuvenate Elliot, a friend dropped by to show us her latest creation, Edwina – a beautifully designed and meticulously crafted mosaic skull. Well, it was love at first sight! We realized it was exactly what Elliot needed. That and a new party dress – nothing lifts one from the doldrums quite like a party…

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