Court C Studios – Take a Tour

I’ve been sharing posts regarding the Tacoma Studio Tours which are happening this weekend. October 15th and 16th from 11am to 5pm you will have the opportunity to visit 57 artists and collaborative studios.

Find studio locations and plan your trip by visiting the Tacoma Arts Website, there  you’ll find an interactive map and trip planner that should be helpful in plotting your course.

Believe it or not, Tacoma has a very rich art scene and if you happen to live even just a little south of Seattle you might find the trip to Tacoma to be a nice(r) alternative to the hustle and bustle of Seattle, with its frustrating, ongoing road construction, heavy traffic congestion and impossible to find parking (and expensive when you do).  I encourage anyone in the area to head out this weekend and discover the hidden, and not so hidden, treasures you can find in Tacoma. You’ll find The City of Destiny offers something for everyone from antique and thrift shops, quirky gift shops, interesting art collectives to world class museums. And parking in most areas is only $2.00 for the entire day on Saturdays! WHAT? Yep, you read that right. There is also the Tacoma Link Light Rail which is FREE to ride and will take you from any point on its route to the Theater District stop and from there  Court C Studios is just a short walk away.

So – get over to the Tacoma Arts website and plan your trip now. Please.

Here is a wonderful short video created by the City of Tacoma highlighting a friend of mine, Lynne Farren – an amazing mixed media and collage artist, as well as painter. I happen to be in the same building ( “Court C Studio aka Firers Etc.) with Lynne and it’s always fun and inspiring to see what she comes up with.

Court C Studios will be open for the tour on Saturday AND Sunday. We are number 25 on the Studio Tour Map. Come in and have a chat with the artists, learn something interesting and create something fun.

Court C Studios...

Roberta Lowes, hand woven wearables and accessories

Leah Fits, acrylic painting and mixed media

Nancy Mclaughlin, acrylic painting

Karen Perrine, hand marbled paper, paper and collage artist

Shirley Benton, acrylic painting

Ann Darling, custom clothing and accessories, textile artist
We would all love to see you there!

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