I really consider myself a true artistic explorer.

I’m currently working on my illustration and surface pattern design work while continuing to create one of a kind assemblage pieces from Altoids tins. This work combines my love of creating miniature scenes and paper cutting.

My illustration work will evolve from my abstract water colors and also be influenced by the tiny elements used in the miniature spaces I create for my repurposed tins.

Over the past 5 years as I’ve worked with repurposing these tins, I’ve discovered a passion for working with paper and a special kind of challenge with creating in small scale. Now I’m excited to bring it all together in another medium I’ve learned to use.

I also just can’t help but share any or all of my other artistic explorations, successful or otherwise, so there really is no way of knowing what you might find here.

Please feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Instagram @twistnpout13  or via email – I always enjoy connecting with other creative types – You can find the links on my home page.

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