Monday Mood Board

Happy Monday! Well, I don’t entirely understand where this color palette came from, but I actually kind of like it. I may keep it.

I have made a lot of progress on this collection so far. I can’t wait to share it.

Can you believe it’s June already? It crept up on me so fast, I haven’t even made any plans for the summer yet. How about you?

Monday Mood Board

So, continuing from where I left off last week; We have motifs, we have texture and color. Possibly a title. I’ve made quite a lot of progress, though it may not look like it here. Thought I’d show you seven of the colors and a few of the Illustrator doodles I’ve done.

Have a great week!

Monday Mood Board

If it looks a little like a first grader put this together, that’s because I was going for that aesthetic.

I wanted to capture the silliness of my youngest dog. He’s such a funny boy. I mean those ears –  he just can’t get them under control. I was also inspired by Memphis design and pop art colors. (Then there is the older dog, who always looks as though he’s secretly judging me. But I couldn’t leave him out!)

I sketched a whole lot of elements for use in the soon-to-be-released collection and then redrew them in Illustrator. Though I veered off a bit from true Memphis design, I tried to retain some of the style. Just working on some final touches before the collection goes live.

Anyway, happy Monday! 

Monday Mood Board

A few images I collected from our road trip last summer. The watercolor came first. When I saw the patina on this weathered stone I was transported back to when I was obsessed with trying to capture such a texture in these orchid paintings. I’ve done a few of these, but this one is my all-time favorite.

Finding Your Signature Style

This isn’t going to be a post about how I can help you find your signature style, because, I can’t even help myself discover my own signature style/brand.

Here’s a little rant I shared on Instagram a few days ago regarding some of my frustration. Maybe you can relate.

Not gonna lie, I’m a little envious of those artists who have clearly found their creative calling. Discovered and developed their identity and can stick to it.

And here I am, unable, or perhaps unwilling, to find and stick to that one thing. Not because I think I’m so full of talent or ideas and can’t be confined to one thing. Nope. I lack focus. I lack discipline. I need help. 

I’m well aware that you have to show cohesive ideas, consistency, and mastery in your area of study before anyone will take you seriously as an artist. And this must be reflected in a well-curated Instagram feed. A feed that shows focus. So I’ve been told.

So, what’s off the table? Painting, line drawing, paper cutting, assemblage, surface design? I can’t decide! I love it all. I need it all in my life. I’m struggling with how to incorporate them all into one medium. Do I have to? Can I at least pick two to stick with? 

Not to mention my favorite color is black, or gray. Or is it yellow or pink? I adore bats and spiders, but kittens are also adorable. Sticks and twigs and cloudy skies bring me joy and inspiration. As does a garden overflowing with glorious color and butterflies. Oh my heart, florals! But also; Be still my heart! A graveyard! How can you create a cohesive design aesthetic from all of this madness??

Have I overshared? 

I’d really love to figure this out. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Monday Mood

Looking a little proud today. I do love Payne’s grey.

Payne’s grey is named after William Payne, a late 18th-century English painter, who created this color as a neutral tint. Originally it was made up of Prussian blue, yellow ochre, crimson lake (carmine).

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