I’m (Not) Coming Out

“MY OH MY….. we are living in crazy times.” Said pretty much everyone who’s lived in any time ever.  Yep, perhaps it was the very first complete sentence Lucy, our most ancient ancestor, managed to grunt out just before she took her very last upright step.

For almost a year, I’ve debated taking this blog in a new direction. Everyday, while I work, I listen to a lot of political pod casts and news radio. Like, ALL DAY LONG. It’s actually unhealthy. With so much going on in our country (our world),  I think I’d be coming off as completely uncaring and out of touch if I didn’t take time to address the issues. This is why my absences have been getting longer. Each time I log in to post I think, “How can I go on writing about creating silly, trivial, meaningless crap when there are so many important issues to address?” It is too much, really. It’s why  I feel the need to stay in my little cocoon, my safe place. My safe, happy, peaceful space. And how ridiculously self-absorbed would I be to think for a minute that my opinion mattered? Opinions don’t matter, action does.

Yet, something else keeps coming to mind; The smile on people’s faces when they take a peek into one of my little worlds. Now, doesn’t that sound like the corniest load of kitty litter ever? But it’s true. One person told me, with a big smile on her face, that she felt transported to a “very lovely place” when she observed  my ‘art’. And honestly, while I work and listen to bleak, dismal world reports, I feel transported too. Though I’m sure it’s more likely the NEED to be transported.

And there it is, my acknowledgement of the chaotic ball of confusion this world has become. I wish it could be a better place. Actually, it’s a pretty great place and it is a pretty great time to be alive right now.  I guess it would be more accurate to say I wish people could be better. So, forgive me if I come off as aloof, out of touch or self-centered while I continue to present to you some of my creations and sometimes share other meaningless, yet somehow meaningful, thoughts, projects and experiences with you. This space will continue to be what it has been.

I recently took a few weeks off to work on a secret project. I can’t wait to show it here, but it’s going to be a while before I can post about that. For now I’ll leave you with this piece I finished a couple of months ago. As I made each little element I couldn’t help but feel a little happy spark down in my heart. Or maybe that was indigestion. All I know is there was something very satisfying about building this magical, happy, glittery, perfect little world.

Princess Wardrobe, Altoids tin

Yes, I will choose to live here in this little world for a while. I’m the boss  here – and I don’t think I’ll be coming out anytime soon.

Thanks for reading – go out and be nice to a mean person today. And for the LOVE of GOD – I don’t mean make friends with a Nazi. Just your general run of the mill difficult, mean person.


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