Happy Little Hauntings

I’m actually cheating a little here, this is not a recently completed project.  I think I may have completed this last year. But it is the season for all things creepy and I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought what better time to share this than now.

Assembled from two Altoids tins, and three of the Smalls tins situated on a plastic lid and then balanced on top of an oversized spool. I know it looks rickety and a little messy, but that’s the look I was going for. All the details are hand drawn and or hand cut. It was super fun piecing all this together. And just right now at this very moment, I realized it is missing a black cat! Well, I may have to put that in TODAY. How could I forget THAT?

Here is a front and back view along with a few details shots.

haunted house tin 7

haunted house tin

hauntedhouse collage

This entire piece was made from salvaged materials. Including the paper, which was all leftover from other projects. My favorite part is the creepy ghost who haunts his cell where he went insane after being locked up in isolation for many years. Over those long years he managed to write his confessions, fears and hopes on every surface of his tiny holding cell. Someday, he may be set free along with the poor souls who have been trapped in the dungeon for more than 100 years.

Well, Happy Hump Day! Now for that cat…

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