Every Picture Tells a Story

I’ve always liked the idea of making special gifts for people. The problem is I always underestimate the time it will take to make something I’d actually WANT to give to someone. I have plenty of unfinished gifts from Christmases and Birthdays past that will forever be constant reminders of why I never hand make gifts.

But this time it was going to be different. I made it a point this past August to devote the entire month to making an assembled paper cutting to give to my grandson’s aunt as a wedding gift. THIS TIME there would be no last-minute run to the store to purchase the only remaining item left on a gift registry. Nope, there would be no gifting of paring knives or spatulas this year – and who gives knives as a wedding gift anyway? Desperate people, that’s who.

I completely cleared my table of any other projects and spent time sketching ideas, cutting and forming pieces and often reforming pieces and even tossing pieces out completely.  It was such a pleasure to work this way; completely focused on one job, no other distractions. WOW, what a concept. I gave myself plenty of time, took my time and enjoyed every minute of it.

I knew I wanted to incorporate elements that were an important part of the soon to be bride and groom’s story.  And I’ll admit, I felt like a stalker for a minute; peeking at Facebook and Pinterest pages, even messaging the bride to ask her about their engagement spot under the guise of planning a trip for myself, but it all helped to gather information I needed to tell their story.

As I cut and placed each piece,  I thought of how they met, which explains the truck, where they became engaged and how they like to spend their time.  It was one stunning photo of Mt. Rainer that was the inspiration for the focal point. Knowing the significance this iconic formation, with its surrounding trails, wildlife and just plain glorious beauty has been to the bride and her family  – well, I knew it had to be at the center of the entire piece.

And so, here it is.

papercut scene

All of it hand cut with the exception of the three small birds (representing their three children) a few of the small flowers and the tiny star shapes which were cut with a paper punch. The larger elements are made up of several pieces that I cut and then layered.  On some of the pieces I added detail by  by scratching, scrubbing or piercing the paper. The dimensions are 12″ X 12″.

It is my hope that they have a life time of great adventures as they embark on this journey together. And if it turns out they are completely turned off by this particular display, well, they have some kindling for a nice cozy fire.


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