New Beginnings

Fist of all, I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since my last published post. There have been many posts drafted, yet none worth publishing. But, are any of them really worthy of being published?

What’s New

We’ve moved. Again. Not just to a new house, but a new state. After being in one place for seven years, I guess it was time. (That’s me being sarcastic.) Overall it has been a good move. It was the first time we actually moved by choice to an area of our choosing.

I have a new studio. Again. We jokingly refer to it as the she-shed. And if you have been following me and even remember, you’ll know this is actually a running theme in my life. Though it is a permanent structure and I love it, that doesn’t mean I’ll not be reconfiguring my work space every few months. Because, what better way to distract myself from “work” than by completely revamping, reorganizing or reconfiguring my work space?

Everything else new will slowly be revealed here.

What’s Not New

I’m still at the art thing, though there have been a few new developments in that area which I plan to share here on a more regular basis. And though my poor blog has been badly neglected and I tend to steer clear of social media these days, I do remain quite active on Instagram so feel free to follow me there @twistnpout13.

New Art

Here is a little peek at what I’ve been up to these days. I started doing more drawing a few years ago and have taken it up again as most of my projects and my entire studio has been packed up for a while. 

It may take me a while to get up and running again, but I have so many plans, I must stay focused on the bigger picture. It all takes time.

linedrawing (2)


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2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

    1. Thanks so much for reading. I’m still enjoying making the tins, but I really want to give my attention to other ideas right now and see what happens. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations as well! Have a most wonderful day.


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